Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My plan to update daily was a good plan. But somehow I lost a few days since my last update. Time is traveling at warp speed.

On Sunday I packed the large duffle bag of donations we are taking. This bag will be picked up in Beijing by someone from China Little Flower. This group has a home in Beijing where they care for babies born prematurely or with club feet. They also serve as a hospice home for terminally ill babies. My family had donated many packs of preemie size diapers at Christmas and I think I've found the perfect home for them!

Yesterday I took Cami for a haircut. I love her new style.

Today I'm heading out for what I hope is the last shopping venture before our trip. I need to buy a few more gifts, snacks, and I have a list of other little things, such as a hairbrush, shampoo, gum, duct tap...... Seriously, if we let it..... the list could continue to grow and never be completed. But come what may, we will board a plane in eight more days. We will find our daughter, Delilah, at our destination. And we will be forever changed.

We were happy to learn that we will be traveling with another family. They have a five year old daughter and I think they are adopting a two year old little boy. It will be so nice to share the experience with another family this time!


  1. Love, love, love the haircut! Yes, the list can grow on and on but you'll be heading out soon:) Best of luck on the trip and wonderful adventures awaiting you!!

  2. I have never visited your blog before, and I wanted to say it's just beautiful. Congrats!!! to you and your family and best of luck on your journey to China.
    LID 08-08-06 still waiting

  3. I like the new hair cut. Xinfa has very thin hair and I am wondering what to do with it! :)
    Concerning Delilah, I was crying as I read the sweater story that she received from heaven through you! Yes indeed, God workds in wonderful and mysterious ways... I am happy for all of you.
    Marie-France and Xinfa