Friday, May 29, 2009

12 Days Til China

Happy Waiting Sister!

We are another day closer to meeting Delilah.

Last night I stayed up later than usual reading "The Hour I First Believed" by Wally Lamb. Then Cami woke up about 3:30 and said she couldn't sleep and she was thirsty. She was awake for about an hour. I still popped out of bed close to 6am, but I'm feeling tired and I'm reminded how important it will continue to be for me to get all the sleep I can in order to be a happy and energetic mom!

Cami slept in and Jillian was home with her so I could head out alone to do a few errands in the morning. I picked up our passports at the post office. We used a wonderful visa and document courier! Denise Hope of There's Always Hope came highly recommended and I couldn't have been more pleased with her service. She answered my questions quickly and everything on her end was like clockwork. If you are going to be needing your visas soon, you should contact Denise. She has an unbeatable deal for adopting families! You can also call Denise at (815)-690-7035.

After the post office, I had to visit two banks. Then I stopped at our salon to pick up the shampoo I had paid for and left sitting on the counter! Yes, I am slightly distracted these days. After that side trip, I trekked down to the public library and returned all our (overdue) library books and did not check anymore out!

While at the post office I purchased some of the new Simpson's stamps to add to the gift bags we are making up for the foster family, nannies, notary, etc. in China. I continued my run with a trip to Old Navy where I found matching swimsuits for the little girls. I also found two pairs of pants for myself so I have everything I need for packing my clothes.

This day passed quickly. I accomplish a few little things. There is still much to do.

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  1. HI! I think I came upon your blog JUST IN TIME! How pleased I am to watch your trip to Delilah!!
    Best wishes as you prepare to travel!