Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Hours....

It is Sunday morning here in China. We were awake at 4am and the sun was shining by 5am. But I think we are feeling much less of the jet lag burn today.

Today is Delilah Day! Unbelievable! At 3pm we will meet her in a conference room here at the hotel. I wanted to write a little bit about how I feel in these final hours before our family is made richer by the spirit of Dang Nan.

I'm not nearly as stressed as I was when we adopted Cami. I remember waking up that morning feeling like I really didn't know how I would get through the day. I felt exhausted and unsure I was really the one for the job! On the day we met Cami we spent the morning at Walmart...... nothing like a morning at the five story Nanchang Walmart to make one feel strung out! When we traveld to Civil Affairs to meet Cami, she was sitting on a little bench, swinging her legs, looking so scared. I loved her at first sight. I think we all did.

What will be the same on this day? And what will be different. First of all, no Walmart! We will head down to breakfast as soon as the buffet opens. Then maybe we'll take Cami swimming this morning. Just a relaxing day.

I have matching backpacks that I'll pack with identical toys and let Cami give on to Delilah, so I need to work on that. I packed all the little items in nooks and crannies of the suitcases!

I'm sure as the hours pass and the time grows closer, the butterflies will start, but for now, I feel simply peace.

Last night we ate dinner at a local and authentic noodle house. This neighborhood restaurant is where all the local people eat and that is the best way to find good food. Our guide ordered a variety of food for us and it was all wonderful. We had pork and tofu stirfry, egg drop soup, noodles (the best I've ever had!), dumplings, spicy eggplant, tea, and the most amazing dessert, some kind of fried milk with sprinkles on top, which was served in the middle of the meal to the delight of children and adults alike. We did not partake of the sheep's head, but I couldn't resist taking a picture.

I feel more adventurous in trying new foods this time.....and I have not been disappointed. Our guide is just a delight! Cami and the guide's daughter have formed a fast friendship, along with the 5yo daughter of our travel partners. In spite of jet lag and not speaking the same language, these girls are such buddies and it warms my heart to watch, and my hope is that Delilah will enter into this sisterhood with ease.

I love this area of China. It is a different pace from Nanchang. The traffic is not insane, the sidewalks are wide and there are plenty of places to walk to. The people are beautiful and friendly. Many have amazing English in spite of never having left their country. Hohhot is like a lovely valley at the foot of the mountains and there is a simple, joyful pace of life that I hope to soak up and take home with me!

Enjoy the photos from yesterday. The next post will tell the story of meeting Delilah. She is likely waking up now, enjoying a bowl of congee, and getting ready to board the train that will bring her here.


  1. Oh Sherri! We are so happy for you! Eager to see tomorrow's photos!

  2. Sherri! I am getting so excited! I'll be up at 1am here in Colorado and sending prayers your way as you meet your new daughter. Can't wait to hear details!! I love all the smiling faces there -- even your food is smiling! LOL!!! :-)

  3. 12:34 AM here and still up, waiting and praying!!!

  4. We are very eager to see pictures. I love your post and the picture of Cami and her new friends.
    hugs from Florida,

  5. Sherri,

    Sherri, I remember this day so well for our Jazmyne. Thank-you fr bringing it back to me! The beauty of posting our journeys to China is to help each ther relive those precious fleeting moments. I hope you do not mind I copied and pasted a couple of pictures from our blog to refer our followers to your blog. We do not always keep up with who might be in China at a given moment so it will help to get the word out to more people! I won't post it all, although I did on our blog, but I will leave you with a couple of thoughts I wrote the day we got our beloved Jazmyne! "I have a favorite line from a musical,the Sound of Music in fact, "How Can You Hold A Moonbeam In Your Hand?" Well today guys... guess what, that is exactly what Rick & I did, we held one in our arms! I pictured this meeting hundreds of ways but I could not have imagined what really took place. There is so much more to tell but I have got to close for now. We need to get ready for the big day, the day she legally becomes a Rees! Rick is ironing her court outfit while I blog. And I have to close by saying, yes she giggles and laughs and has a smile that will blow you away! I almost want to pinch her to wake her back up so we can play some more!"

  6. i LOVE your writing Sherri...and can NOT wait to see Delilah and Cami pictures!!! I am thinking of your meeting video with Cami and hope it is just as wonderful!!!


  7. ooo... i am an eggplant super fan! sigh. i want the spicy eggplant sooooo badly right now. with rice.

    Here I bought a sauce pack so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.