Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Care Package Photos

According to the guidelines
of our agency,
we are allowed to send
a care package to Delilah
as soon as our dossier is logged in
with CCAA.

This weekend we visited a park
and took a few pictures
to include in the care package
to help Delilah get to know her new family.

The first one we will probably send her.
The second one is just precious to us.
I would like to send it to Cami's ayis
so they can see how she has
"embraced adoption".

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dossier to China


Our dossier went to China on October 23, 2008!

This means the paperchase has ended in the West.
The US government has deemed us good students
of adoption.

In the middle of gathering documents
and waiting on forms to arrive
and multiple trips to the notary,
it seemed the work would never be complete.

Now already
I've forgotten the frustrations.
I've forgotten my impatience.

My dossier is winging it's way to China.
And I think God is winking.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Joy of New Pictures!

Nothing makes the waiting both easier and harder than pictures, glorious new pictures!!!

These two pictures were part of an update we received
earlier in the week.

What do you think?
Is she going to be FUN or what!!!
The update stated that Delilah
walks and runs on strong legs,
and she is a TomBoy!

Cami is very anxious for Delilah to come home,
though she just today began to process
the detail
of me being also Delilah's mommy.
She actually said she thought Delilah would be
bringing her own mom with her.

"No honey, but she will be carrying a gun..."

Friday, October 3, 2008


Soon there will be two little girls
with brown eyes laughing,
two shiny heads
that smell like cinnamon
and tumble among us,
drawing from our lips
the songs
of life.

I can't do much now. Our agency told us we could send Delilah a care
package after our dossier was sent to China.
That will happen soon.

For now
I gather trinkets for two girls
who will have two matching backpacks
and for two sister girls who will share snacks and secrets.

Won't you Please Join Us?

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