Friday, June 5, 2009

Less Than a Week

Today is Friday, less than a week until we board the plane for China.
I'm trying to stay focused, to keep life as normal as possible here,
and try to also accomplish lots of errands and packing everyday.

A couple friends sent packages of dresses for "my girls" and I got some shots of Cami trying a few on. I had to bribe her with a pack of gum though, so enjoy the modeling....LOL.

Today I found out that now there will be three families from our agency meeting up in Guanghzhou. That is really exciting for us since we traveled alone for Cami.

I also received updated measurements for Delilah.
If they are to be believed,
Cami will be getting a BIG sister,
not a little sister.
According to the information,
Delilah weighs 39 pounds and she is 38 inches tall.
And she isn't yet three years old.
I'm hoping these are old numbers, her weight in a winter coat, perhaps?
And I only care because I don't want to take a suitcase of clothes that are too small.
I guess that is just one of the joyful surprises we will experience.
I remember the first time I held Cami and thought,
"She's so tiny, but so heavy".

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