Thursday, May 28, 2009

Draw Customized Symbols -

I can hardly believe we will leave for China in 13 days.
Mark says we could leave tomorrow and be fine.
I say we have a thousand things still to be done!!!!

Yesterday I got my China hair cut.
I shopped for gifts for the orphanage director, foster family, and other people we will meet along the way.

I bought cute little assortment boxes of Jelly Belly Beans from Target. For the notary, I bought sticky notes, white out pens, and a smaller bag of jelly beans. I also bought a bag of Thor-Lo socks that will be tucked into the gift bags. They are made locally and my friends from China rave about them so maybe they don't have such comfortable socks in China.....? I still want to order some American Ginseng to add to gift bags.

Our visas and passports are being returned today. I think that is the last of the document work we need to do.

13 days. Every one of them will be busy. We have several more appointments on the calendar. And poor Mark is working long hours everyday, trying to get everything wrapped up so he can be gone for two weeks.

I wish I could just spend my days shopping for cute dresses like the ones below. The flowers are hair clips! I can't wait to take the picture again with two girls inside the dresses.


  1. Oooh, I can't wait to follow your blog while you are in China. By the way, I LOVE the dresses, can you tell me where you got them from?


  2. I'm sooooooooooo excited for you Sherri!!! I can't believe the time is almost here!!! I pray for God's blessings on bringing your precious daughter home! :)

  3. hey sherri..will you be using this blog to post when you are China??? i am so excited for you...and living vicariously through i would LOVE to go back to China!!!