Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One is Missing

Our oldest daughter graduated from college this weekend. I treasure the rare photos we have of the entire family all together. We had hoped Delilah would be with us for the graduation. I remember thinking that it might be our first big outing. But she was missing and she was missed. Here is the whole big family waiting to bring Delilah home for good!


  1. Hi, i just happened upon your blog of your lovely family and see that you are waiting to travel, my dear friend is awaiting her TA and it is also to inner mongolia...i just wondered what SWI you are traveling to and if it is the same as hers. i will see her in a little while and get the name of her daughter's (who is also in foster care). if you would please contact me directly i would so appreciate it. thank you
    Kathy email addy mardep@verizon.net. mom to 2 china babies. :)

  2. My very best wishes to your daughter on a job well done!!! Delilah won't be missing any more family events - congratulations on that elusive TA. I can't wait to "go" with you to get that baby home.

  3. What a wonderful photo. And I see Delilah...right there in your heart!