Thursday, January 1, 2009

Red Thread China Care Package

The day after Christmas, I began to plan a care package for Delilah. I contacted my friend Ann, at Red Thread China ( asked if she could put together a pajama package for Delilah. (My family will laugh because I practically live in pajamas! What else would I send? LOL)

Ann works quickly and is great about communicating every step of the way. She called the orphanage and asked for updated size information. As it turns out, Delilah might not be the "little" sister! She is almost as big as Cami, and Cami a healthy girl!

As a result of the phone call, Ann received new pictures of Delilah to share with me. I was so excited. I really wasn't expecting such a surprise.

The package I ordered from Ann at Red Thread China was very reasonably priced. It included, as you can see below, an adorable pair of pajamas, a warm blanket, a little doll, candy for the foster family, a disposable camera, a photo album with pictures of us labeled in Chinese, and a translated letter. All this, along with the shopping, packing and shipping.

Ann is an angel! I hope to meet her when we are in China this time.

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  1. Can you tell me how this went? I am about to send my daughter in Yangxi a care package... I have been hearing nothing but good things about Anne.