Friday, December 26, 2008

Soon We'll Be Found...Out

Christmas Eve
My Parents House
Luckily, Cami had so much Christmas on her mind,
she had not thought to mention
her sister.
Waiting still in China.

The holiday passed without our secret
being told,
but we were not alone.
It is in the unexplainable that sometimes
we find the most important truth.
The spirit of our missing Delilah
was with us on this day.

As I reached into the bag that would be my last present to open,
I found a beautiful and fragile ornament
wrapped in tissue.
I opened it and admired it only for a second,
before my mother exclaimed,
"What are you doing with that"?
"Why do you have that ornament"?

Quickly my brother caught on and pointed out
that I was holding a "New Baby" ornament.
He joked, "Well, do you have something you aren't telling us"?
"Is there a baby in your future"?

I was confused,
for a few reasons.
Because I actually collect this particular type of ornament,
as does my mother apparently.
And because
there is a new child in our future.

But the ornament was not for me.
It was from my mother's tree
and it had "accidentally" fallen off the tree
and into my gift bag.
And now I was across the room holding it in my hand.
She did not intend for it to be part of my gift.
God Winking?

A beautiful moment for us to remember
the coming of Delilah.
what are the chances?


  1. That was a special little hug from God, don't you think? What a beautiful story for her Lifebook!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, I love it. The heavens winked or giggled perhaps! Now, I wonder if this sweet incident will be remembered by your mother and brother when they do find out of dear Delilah.