Thursday, November 13, 2008

Girls in Hats

Oh, the fun we will have!
A special angel sent me the top two photos
of Delilah
trying on different hats!
The bottom photo is Cami in her Easter hat.

The more I learn,
the closer our journey brings us
to Delilah,
the more certain I am.....

that she was chosen,
not by us,
but for us.
There is something much larger than me
at work here.

I continue to be humbled by the power
and the glory
of each new discovery,
each new comfort,
each new promise.

I am not worthy,
but I am willing,
and I guess that goes a long way

Dear Delilah,
our dress up trunk is overflowing.
There are hats and scarves
jewels and clickity clack shoes
plenty enough
for two little girls.
Dear Delilah,
We wait for you.


  1. What special word, chosen for us, not by us.
    God is good!

  2. I want to come over and play!