Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turning a Corner

Last winter Delilah stayed warm in this fluffy green snowsuit.
How much of winter will she spend without us this year??

Time is moving forward.
We are inching toward China.
The holidays pass time in warp speed.
How can Thanksgiving already be over?

We are close to thirty days since our log in.
We are thinking in new ways.

We had flu shots yesterday.
I don't usually get the vaccine
and I don't usually get the flu.
But I want to do all I can to ensure I am healthy
when China calls our name.

I sort through clothes and Delilah has a pile.
She has shoes.
Cami sometimes saves a cookie for her sister in a bag,
and she is willing to save ALL her beans.
But we aren't that close yet I tell her.
So eat the beans.......

Aside from you,
you who have found my blog here in space,
the secret is ours.
We will tell our families after Christmas.
We've held onto this secret so long,
it will be hard to let it go.

We don't keep the secret to hurt anyone,
and I hope we will not be misunderstood.
We want Delilah to come into the family
in her own special time.
She deserves a moment that is hers.
As she steps
a place that we have prepared for her.

Today I wonder if we are near or far,
in this process where anything can happen.
I wait contentedly
while I dream Delilah home.

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  1. Hello There!! Your blog is beautiful too!! So glad to see you stopped by. What adorable girls!! I know the wait is so hard. Please email me if you like at my personal address - Please do not publish this comment to keep my privacy. Look forward to hearing from you. Blessings!!