Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Care Package Photos

According to the guidelines
of our agency,
we are allowed to send
a care package to Delilah
as soon as our dossier is logged in
with CCAA.

This weekend we visited a park
and took a few pictures
to include in the care package
to help Delilah get to know her new family.

The first one we will probably send her.
The second one is just precious to us.
I would like to send it to Cami's ayis
so they can see how she has
"embraced adoption".


  1. Hi. It is very exciting for me to have found a family adopting a child with a spinal problem. We have just sent a request to China to adopt a little girl presented to us with spina bifida occulta. There was no mention of tethered cord, but we know that could be a possibility.
    How do you know your little girl has a tethered cord? Has it been repaired? Does she have any other issues?
    Anything you can tell me would be great, as we are still somewhat "cautious".
    Our Grace is 11 months old. We hope to go to China in 4-6 months.
    Diane diane.rundle@rogers.com

  2. I love those Hohhot Cuties! I would love to go back to China SOMEDAY for a little sister for my kiddos and to go back to IM would be FANTASTIC!
    Delilah is so beautiful! May the rest of the journey go quickly and may the Lord grant you peace as you wait.
    Holly- Inner Mongolia Mommy since Aug. 2007

  3. Love the photos!
    Congratulations on DTC!

  4. Wish I knew the words to tell you how much fun two are...you will have to wait and see. Lucky you!!! Can't wait to follow along.

  5. Love the photos my dear friend. Cannot wait to find out what your LID is!