Saturday, September 20, 2008

We have a Delay

I shouldn't be surprised. I knew going in that most adoptions have complications in the paperwork or some kind of slowdown somewhere along the way. Our paperchase was so smooth and simple. I thought we were finished when we sent the last document to our agency.

Then came the phone call.

You see, once all the documents have been filled out and approved by the agency, they must be authenticated at the State level, and then the National level. Our dossier got as far as the Secretary of State for authentication. Someone there didn't like the way our local police station had notarized our clearance letter saying we had no criminal record in the town where we live.

So this letter was returned to me, along with instructions on how it needed to be notarized. On Monday I will take these papers to the police department. I will smile and be really nice, and hope they won't mind taking time out of their busy day to correct this little problem for me.

Once that is done, the police clearance letters will be sent, fast as lightening, to re-join all our other documents on the desk of the Secretary of State. Even with this slight delay, I am hoping we can send our Dossier to China by mid-October!

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