Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update on the Delay

I think it is all good now! Yesterday I took the documents to the police department and they did everything they could think of to make them officially notarized in the way the Secretary of State requested.

I picked the papers up at 4:30 and dropped them in the Fed-ex box. Now they must go back to Oregon and then return to the Secretary of State in NC. This mistake will cost us a week's delay and getting our Dossier to China.

I suppose in the big scheme of things that is not alot of time. I could not have imagined meeting Cami at a better time, though if I had my choice I would have traveled sooner. But come to find out she probably had chicken pox earlier in the summer. That would have made our first meeting less pleasant for her.

These connections are so big. They have a way of working out exactly as they are intended. It is only me, in my limited earthly form, that grows anxious and discouraged, when really I know that time is moving exactly as it should for a series of events that could not be played out in any other way. By becoming a willing participate, I gave over control to the One who knows the story of all my days.

We said yes without knowing what all we were saying yes to. God knows our hearts. And the beauty of it is that all we really have to do is to be willing. The details will be provided! It's a perfect formula in my opinion.

So I try to handled the rough patches with grace. They are there for a reason. Today I am thankful for the cooperation of the local police department and the timing of the Fed Ex pickup and I will wait for news of progress.

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