Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Counting Down the Days

How many days to follow?

We are waiting for our travel approval to be sent from China.
When that happens, we can request a consulate appointment.
From the confirmed date of our consulate appointment,
we will count back two weeks and that will be our departure date.

There is still so much to do that I get overwhelmed by thinking about it all.
I'm trying to break it up into manageable groups.

This week
we will mail our application for Entry Visas into China
and read the stack of important papers from our agency
and begin to put together the notebook of important documents that
will travel with us.

For fun
and a reward after paperwork,
I'm collecting identical items to put in backpacks for the girls.
Here is my plan:
We have two Dora the Explorer backpacks
(the backpacks I posted a picture of earlier are too big)
Cami's backpack will be initially packed with travel toys,
paper, pencils, crayons, small animals, etc.

Delilah's backpack will travel empty, in the suitcase.
On the day we meet Delilah,
I will pack both the backpacks with new items
Cami hasn't see before.
We will take these backpacks with us
and Cami's job will be to give one of them to her new sister!
They will be filled with identical toys.....
light up ball, sunglasses, candy, animal crackers, etc
Hope this is a good ice-breaker and that is helps
Cami to feel connected to Delilah,
and Delilah to all of us.


  1. I know we are with the same agency. I would think that since it has been 3 weeks since LOA for you AND you are not a Hague family, you may get TA any day now! I certainly do envy you! Having to do all these additional steps means we are not even officially waiting on TA yet. Hopefully we will be by the end of the week though.
    Hope it comes soon for you!

  2. I'm soooo stinkin' excited for you and the upcoming moments ... especially YOU and Cami meeting Delilah!!! I'm on pins and needles FOR you!!

    Yippee, Beth

  3. We are ALL on pins and needles - I'm not packed but I'm parked in front of the computer, waiting....big hits with Gracyn's backpack ... mini magna doodle, cell phone (A girls gotta talk to her new BFF) and a coin purse filled with lip glass, rings and bracelets.

    (How did you keep this to yourself?????)

    She is STUNNING!!!!!! I cannot wait for you to travel! Cami will be such a great big sis!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE het name too!!!
    Hugs, Jill

  5. It won't be much longer now, she is just adorable! Trish

  6. Hurray!!!

    Dear Sherri,

    What a great news, you are FINALLY going to Inner Mongolia!!! Waht a terribly long waiting time you had, I know the pain, the worries, the incertainty... but I can assure you: once you hold your little girl, everything is forgotten. You only will feel a little sadness from time to time that you have lost a couple of precious childhood months.... but you know she is in very good hands so the pain is luckily not for her but only for yourself.

    Meeting your daughter will be the most wonderful experience, so full of joy... wow, I almost start crying when I think back on it. Li Na brings such happiness in our life, and now it's your turn!


    Love, Irene from Holland