Monday, March 30, 2009

As I have written, the time we have been waiting for our Letter of Acceptance from China has grown long and we are weary of waiting. I have had many emotional responses to the seeming unfairness of our long wait and I've even stooped so low as to wonder if this delay will continue forever and that Delilah was just a dream that will never be realized in our family.

Ah, me of little faith! Let me tell you a story, weave a tale of impossibilities, that has convinced me that God laughs when we start to think WE are in charge.

Just after Christmas I went shopping at the winter sale at Old Navy. A friend of mine in Florida was planning to go on a mission trip to China. She has started a Shoe Mission for children in orphanages who often do not have properly fitting shoes, or even shoes at all.

I purchased some shoes and socks to send her, along with a few items of clothing. One item specifically stayed in my memory because it was so cute that I bought one to send to China an done to keep for Cami to wear.

This was a yellow and gray fleece lined long top with a hood. I bought a 2T and and 4T, meaning to keep the 4T for Cami. I "accidentally" sent the larger top off to my friend and so the one I had for Cami was really too small.

As my friend made her final preparations for her trip, I was interested that she would be visiting the China Care office in Beijing. China Care is the organization that provided funds for Delilah's surgery last year. They work in Inner Mongolia, but their main office is in Beijing. There is at least 700 miles between there offices and they care for hundreds of children, if not thousands.

My friend has been home less than two weeks now. As my agency has continued to unravel the puzzle of our long wait for our LOA, they requested an health update and the orphanage sent some photos for me.

When I opened the photos I was amazed that Delilah was wearing a shirt like Cami had in her closet. There aren't any Old Navy stores in China. Mostly I was just thrilled as always to see her shining happy face.

But something tugged at my memory. I kept going back in my mind to try and remember when and where I had sent the matching shirt I had bought.(During the winter I sent several care packages to organizations in China) When I remembered that I had mailed it to Beth, I emailed her and asked if she could possibly remember if this shirt had been donated to China Care. (She had visited several orphanages and organizations on her trip).

I sent her the picture and she wrote me back to tell me that she was certain that shirt had been left at China Care because the shiny new shoes Delilah was wearing were sent to her by a woman in Iowa and they were in the same bundle of donations.

So I bought a shirt in NC, sent it to a friend in FL, who flew to China and dropped it off at a charity,nearly 700 miles from where Delilah lives and the next week I receive a photo of my own daughter and she is wearing the shirt!!!!!

This is one of those things that I have to keep thinking about because it's almost more than my brain can accept. It's much to big to be a coincidence. I call these God Winks. What do you call it?

To Learn More about Beth's Shoe Mission in China, visit Destiny's House by clicking on the name.


  1. I wrote "my version" of this on my blog. Feel free to read this version as well. Can't wait to see her in YOUR arms!!! Praying daily for this. Beth

  2. Absolutely amazing...I have chills----and she is so beautiful!

  3. What a darling picture of Deliah wearing her mama's love. Facinating journey for a little jacket..."who'da thunk it". God writes so many amazing stories...You just have to shake your head in wonderment.

  4. Goosebumps and tears as I read of God's gift to you as you wait for your girl!!

    Jill G (from sn yahoo group)

  5. Oh my goodness, how amazing!!! God does work in mysterious ways!

  6. Sherri, I LOVE this story!!! Yes, God-winks...that is a good name for it. I am on pins and needles waiting for you to get LOA. I can't wait to whoop and hollar and do the happy snoopy dance with ya. :)

  7. Oh, Sherri, what a God moment. We waited soooooo long for our LOA for Ellie. Our LID was Feb. 19th, and we received our LOA on Aug. 22. I know, know, know the pain of waiting.
    One day, though, you will hold the gift God has already placed in your heart,

  8. This story is another example of the miracles God grants in our life to show us his love. What a great story...Thanks for sharing!
    Andrea - from RQ boards

  9. That is an amazing story, and it reminds me that our God is such a God of detail and precision. He knows our timing and needs down to the threads of our clothing. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, and I hope you don't mind that I follow your blog! Good luck with everything else, and congratulations!

  10. Your story is a true God's wink. How inspiring. My husband and I had a song that ws very special to us while we waited (over 165 days for our LOA.) Imagine the goosebumps when , as we were sitting on a Southrn Chinese airplane on the first leg of our journey home with our new daughter, that song came over the loudspeakers. Only God, I will never forget the moment. You will soon have your beautiful daughter in your arms!!!
    Kathie from New York

  11. Wow!
    What an amazing story! What an amazing God we serve - only He could orchestrate something so amazing to bring you comfort during this long wait! Your Delilah is a doll! Can't wait until you are on your way to bring her home!
    Lori King

  12. Came over from RQ. THAT IS AMAZING!!! I am not surprised as God is in the details, but still … He just wanted to give you that! WOW! I hope she is wearing it when you meet her the first time! BTW, she is adorable!!!

  13. I found you on RQ too...Hope you don't mind, but I just had to share your story on my page. (If you want me to delete the story and link, just let me know. I promise you won't hurt my feelings:)
    BTW, your daughter is just adorable!!!

  14. I am crying, and my husband says he has goosebumps. GOD IS AWESOME!
    Hugs, Jill

  15. Hey Sherri,
    You sound surprised... honestly,it is incredible, but nothing about adoption surprises me anymore. I truly believe that things happen as they should and you and I are only pawns.
    Amazing red thread story, but also proof that it was meant to be.
    Kim C