Friday, August 22, 2008

Please Welcome
Delilah DangNan McInnis
into our family and into your heart.

Dang Nan was born July 18, 2006.
She is eleven months younger than Cami.
She is currently living in foster care
in Inner Mongolia.
The reports we received describe her as a lovely
and smart little girl. She knows her colors and
can make herself understood among children and adults.
The report says,
"the child grows more and more beautiful with two pigtails in her hair now".

I think we knew,
even while in China with Cami,
that we would return.
We didn't know when, or how, or for whom,
but when we were given a chance to review
Dang Nan's file,
we felt comfortable with her and drawn to her,
even before seeing her pictures.

And so already we start to love her,
and to make a space for her,
a special place in our family
in the shape of Delilah.


  1. Dear China Calling;-)

    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! My husband and I are living in Holland and also anxiously waiting for our daughter from Inner-Mongolia. I might have some information for you girl that you don't have yet, could you email me personnally?


  2. ... sorry, forgot to delete the word "girl" in my previous posting, makes the message look kind of odd))))


  3. Congratulations! Your new daughter is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing! We just brought our sweet IM daughter home last month.


  4. She is stunning! Oh my... congratulations! I can't decided what looks more exuberant, the red shoes or her shining face. They are a good match for each other, not everyone could pull that off! ;)

  5. Congratulations Sherri! May you be blessed in your wonderful journey.